Saturday, March 24, 2007

Knitting and a Movie

Yesterday I knit a the movie theatre for the first time - while watching 300.

The movie was great and the knitting went very well. I made one little mistake, which I thought was bigger than it was. My bigger goof was not turning the heel in such a way that the mistake would be on the back - instead it is going to be on the top of the sock. (And naturally it couldn't have happened in the middle of a block of colour, no it had to happen where there was just one row of a colour - geesh!)

But by the time I got home, the heel was turned and I was starting off down the foot.

(these socks are in Austermann Step, and are for moi)

The night before I'd cast on this sock, again for movie watching. It is the first ball of the hand-dyed stuff, and I'm making them up for a friend. NTS- ease up on the purple next time, blue finger tips are not sexy. I'm obviously going to need to do another rinse before I give them away... But I am rather excited about the fact that the stripes actually worked.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Socks have eaten my brain

It's been um, a while...

But since last updating I have:

*Finished the dark blue Ivy
*Made a huge mess of the dying for the second one - I think this wool will need to be re-dyed and maybe made into a stripey sweater...
*and so knit the second one out of Inca Silk (in love light blue) from Ram Wools (I got it done - 2hrs after my cousin left our house on Christmas)
*dyed sock yarn - which I conned my cousin and Aunt into winding for me!
*learned to knit 2 socks at a time! (yes I am that awesome) - 3 pairs done that way (two went to a friend - whose cat's really like them... O.o)
*mastered the sizing of socks for myself - and finished a pair in Austermann Step today that prove it
*knit a pair of socks for another friend in a cotton/elastic blend.

So basically socks have eaten my brain. I am so pleased to be able to just knit them - I basically use the Yarn Harlot's basic sock instructions but with a short row heels (because I learned to do them for the 2in1 socks and if I was to use a heel flap I'd have to look up instructions). I still can't graft a toe worth a darn, but I can fake it well enough.

I have plans for some more socks, and am thinking I might need to just return a bunch of yarn I bought that I now don't really like... oops. Come summer I'll order some more yarn (superwash this time) to dye for socks so I know I'll like (or at least be to blame) for the colours.

Some one please tell me why chartreuse is in fashion this season?!